V-Factor Sparkies RED Spark Plug Covers 90 Degree Boots For Most Kawasaki 18905

Regular price $12.75

V-FACTOR Sparkies Spark Plug Cover Pair with RED Lens

Fits all Kawasaki spark plugs with 90° boots

Designed to show your engine's spark through colored lenses at the base of the wire

Sold as a set of 2

Also available in BLUE


Easy to install.  Just remove the rubber  boot that goes over the wire.  Slide the rubber boot over the spark plug wire. Then the Sparkie has a threaded stud if you look down into it.  Just thread this into yor spark plug Wire.


For these Sparkies to snap onto your spark plug, your spark plug will need a terminal nut.  If you look at the end of your spark plug and you see threads, you need the terminal nut.  Most spark plugs come with a terminal nut.