Complete Ultima LED Electronic Wiring System Harness Kit Harley EVO Custom 18530

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Ultima LED Electronic Wiring System Harness Kit for Harley EVO Models or Custom #18-530

  • The sealed main electronic module is 5" X 2" and has brackets to mount to any frame tube (approx 2-1/4" high off the tube)
  • Includes diagnostic LED's - a big help when wiring and troubleshooting - this is the one to get if you have room on your frame to mount
  • Also note picture of back side of main module - since it is fully "connector-ized", it can be removed easily without cutting wires. etc.
  • All flasher, relay & circuit interrupters are included in one small package that can be mounted in a wide variety of locations. This module and its plugs are waterproof and LED's are used to troubleshoot problems. Kit includes all wires, connectors, module & heat shrink tubing
  • The circuit breaker protection circuits are internal to the box.
  • The diagnostic LED’s are used to locate shorts or overloads. Pinched or bare wires, faulty components or too much current draw usually causes these. If an LED is on, turn off the bike, locate and correct the problem, then turn the bike back on. The bike must be turned off to reset the protection circuit.
  • The unit will provide the starter wire/current to the starter button - and to the starter relay.  Buyer must provide the starter, the starter relay itself (usually part of the starter), and the big wire from the main starter bolt to the battery.
  • This unit provides +12V to power the ignition system (pin 6 white w/ black stripe to coil) , but does not include any engine control, management or timing/advance functionality. Controls self cancelling turn-signals, but you will need the indicator harness  


  • This unit may or may not function correctly with LED type signal or LED type brake lights, because of their very low current draw.  In some cases resistors or load equalizers may help, but Midwest/Ultima cannot guarantee compatibility with all LED type bulbs

Note: Due to the risk of unseen internal damage we strongly prefer not to take returns on vital electrical parts unless installed by a qualified professional installer, we will only consider a return on this item if it has not been powered-up and is as-new.  So please do your research on what will work best for your project BEFORE buying.  Instructions are included and for installation tips search YouTube there are many videos showing installation.